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It all started from a dream; and the dream became a reality.

School Mission

To learn, Work and Live the Gospel and Moral Values

To foster justice and peace as a listening community manifested through a loving family, relation for the formation of the youth. To safeguard the beauty of creation and to dignify the poor. Aspire for the quality Christian Education with Mama Mary’s intercession through San Carlos Borromeo the Patron Saint of Diocese.

School Vision

Our Lady of Peace Mission School, Inc. envisions as a listening community endowed with the gospel and moral values in the formation of the youth. To build a family of Love in a community of justice and peace, care for nature, and preference for the poor.

School Philosophy

It is a Catholic Institution that provides a quality Christian Education living the Gospel and Moral values as a learning community that nurtures and forms the dignity of God’s creation serving through justice and peace centering in Christ.

School Administrators

Our facilities are state-of-the-art, equipped with modern technology and resources that enhance the learning experience. We also offer a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs, giving our students the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their skills outside the classroom.

SR. FLORENDA LOREN R. INTRUZO, CARM. O.L., MAED (Administrative and Finance Officer)

We understand that choosing the right school can be a daunting task, but we assure you that we are dedicated to helping our students achieve their academic and personal goals. Our enrollment process is simple and straightforward, and we are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.



It all started from a dream; and the dream became a reality.

Barangay Prosperidad in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental and other neighboring barangays has eight elementary schools but has no high school. After graduation, less than 50% proceed to high school while the rest has no other choice but to work in the rice fields or sugarcane plantations to earn wage to augment the family’s income.

It was through the untiring effort of Most Rev. Jose F. Advincula Jr., D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of San Carlos, to find ways and means to establish a secondary educational institution in Sitio Agbulod, Barangay Prosperidad, San Carlos City. It was his objective to build a school that provides a better and quality Christian education that minimizes religious ignorance among the young people in the hinterlands. Second, that the school may become an institution that produces good, committed and responsible leaders in the community. Third, that the school makes available to the youth venues for their development for a brighter future.

It was God’s plan that this dream of the Bishop will come true when he met Mr. Anthony “Bebe” Wee. The Wee family owned some properties in the area eyed by the bishop for the school. Bishop Advincula mentioned to Mr. Wee his plan and vision to construct a high school building for the residents in the area. The Bishop asked Mr. Wee if it would be possible for them to donate a portion of their property for the school. Mr. Wee told the bishop that he will present this matter to his mother, Mrs. Rose Wee, who is living in U.S.A.

On October 2001, Mr. Wee relayed to the bishop that his requested is granted and their family will donate 6½ hectares to the Diocese of San Carlos.

On December 2001, the newly created Board of Trustees of the school namely: Bishop Jose F. Advincula Jr., D.D. – Presiding officer and Chairman of the Board, Rev. Fr. Carlos dela Paz, Sr. Carmen Mortel, ADD, Rev. Fr. Titus Zamora, Rev. Fr. Rannie Veriña, Rev. Fr. Florante Marcelo, and Mr. Anthony Wee met for the first time as a group. They discussed thoroughly the process of acquiring the land, construction of the school building, management staff and faculty, and the requirements from the Department of Education (DepEd) in opening the school. They also decided that the name of the school will be OUR LADY OF PEACE MISSION SCHOOL (OLPMS).

On March 2002, Rev. Fr. Titus Zamora, the Diocesan Superintendent of Catholic Schools, assigned Sr. Carmen Mortel, ADD to campaign for the opening of the school. She was told to enroll a minimum of fifty (50) students (as required by DepEd) for first year high school for school year 2002-2003. The campaign began in the different Barangays of Pinowayan, Nataban and Prosperidad as well as in Sitios Tagda, Marago-os, Villarante, Maliguid, Punod and Agbulod. The campaign team was composed of Sr. Carmen Mortel, ADD, Mr. Boy Balagosa, and Mr. Dodong Gonzales. Though the campaign was very strenuous because of the topographic location (rolling land area and hilly) separating the barangays and sitios but it was made easier through the service vehicle of the Wee Family. The completion of voluminous documents required by DepEd was equally tedious.

The enrollment started May 28, 2002, and ended June 23, 2002. The number of students required was complied. Classes started June 24, 2002, with an orientation given to both parents and students. The classroom utilized was the former house of the Wee family then used by a Japanese group, OISCA-JICA, as a seminar and training center. For the first three months, the operation of the school was under East Negros Academy in Toboso, Negros Occidental, where Rev. Fr. Eugene Peral was the Director. Our Lady of Peace Mission School started with three teachers namely; Mr. Ruel Macion teaching Makabayan, Ms. Virginia P. Calago with three-fold tasks — Academic Head, class adviser & teacher, and registrar; and Sr. Carmen M. Mortel, ADD, teaching religion, Liaison officer and bursar. It was really a tiresome task.

On September 19, 2002, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the school’s registration and gave the permission to operate. At the end of the same month, two Domus Dei sisters, Sr. Sally M. Yap Moreno, ADD and Sr. Virginia Fabellore, ADD arrived from Romblon to run the school.

On October 2, 2002, the school received its recognition from DepEd although classes have already started on the month of June 2002. It was November 18, 2002, where the regional personnel with Mrs. Estrella Mago and her companion visited the school for the first time. They were impressed of the things that they saw because according to them for a beginner like OLPMS, the facilities are satisfactory.

The power of prayer greatly contributes to the realization of this dream of the bishop as well as by all the people who are working hand in hand to make this aspiration come true.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the Most Rev. Jose F. Advincula, Jr., D.D. for his inspiration and full support; Mrs. Rosita “Mommy Rose” Wee and her family for donating the lot; the ADD Sisters for their sacrifices in administering the school; OISCA-JAICA for its financial assistance in building the first two-room school building. Rev Fr. Florante E. Marcelo for finding an American Philanthropist in the person of Mr. Corbin McNill and company for the generosity of funding the construction of school buildings and other donors, sponsors, foundations; and most of all, to our Almighty God through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title “Our Lady of Peace”, for making all these things possible.


Deacon Bill Hill Sr.

He is the instrument to find donors

Joseph “BUD” Cashen

 He donated the two classrooms (Grade 10).

Mr. Corbin McNeill & Family

A very generous American, and the major donor 

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Sitio Agbulod

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OLPMSI stands for quality Christian community-oriented education.

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    Our Lady of Peace Mission School Incorporated envisions a listening community endowed with the gospel and moral values in the formation of the youth. To build a family of love in a community of justice and peace, care for nature, and preference for the poor.


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